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[#reviseandrevive] An Introduction

This year is the year I’ve decided to get serious with my writing. And to do so means editing, revising and eventually publishing. Last month was editing – developmental on my side – so this month is putting those edits to work… Read More

[#editnfriends] Paths of Victory, We Shall Walk

Editing Update:Chapters: 24/24Pen Refills: 1Scenes Sliced: 10 (including a whole quarter chapter)Darlings Killed: 7Tears: 3Final Thoughts: A bit of concern with this being the first novel to query, though I think it has commercial appeal. It’s a lot of work to do,… Read More

Takin’ Care of Business and Working Overtime

Let me just share, for a moment, my weekday schedule: 6:00 am – Up for work, getting myself and baby ready (with assistance from the spouse).7:41 am – Train one to work.7:59 am – Train two to work. Baby has stopped napping… Read More

I Choose You!

I have, in my Google Docs right now, about one dozen finished first drafts. They’re not edited. Certainly not publishable. But they have a beginning, an illusion of a middle, and an end. Draft one done. So every March, when that old… Read More

[#editnfriends] I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Kill Her…

“[K]ill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.” – Stephen King It sucks. You reread your novel, that took you months/years to write. You get to this line/scene/chapter/character you love and you… Read More

[#editnfriends] Danger Zone

That’s the nickname I’ve given my editing space at home. It’s really my everything space, since I have a one year old who destroys everything she touches. But for this month (and maybe-but-hopefully-not next month), the main use is editing. I have… Read More

2019: A Writing Odyssey

January’s WriYe Blogging Circle question reads as follows: What’s your WriYe Word Count goal for 2019? Why did you choose it? What are your plans for the year? What do you want to accomplish with your writing? My yearly word count goal is small. Much… Read More

Words and Wyles

Hello, writing world. It is I, K. A. Wyles, speculative fiction writer (horror and fantasy, mostly) and scientist. But this blog only focuses on one half of that, and it’s not the one with beakers and flasks. More about me will be… Read More